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At Capacity, we help you gain a thorough understanding of all these aspects of English. Once you have undergone Capacity training for spoken English, you will be able to speak fluently and comfortably. These courses also help you to prepare for publish speaking and group discussions, which play an important role in your success on the bigger stages of the career. The right English language courses in public speaking help you to speak confidently and using the right idioms and vocabulary. You can then speak confidently in a crowd, at the podium or at the board meeting.

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Personality Development & Spoken English Institute
Capacity Spoken English

Capacity is one of Faridabad’s largest Skill Training Institute engaged in the development of skills of the youth of the country. I feel blessed & purposeful of having gotten this wonderful opportunity to build a bright future of so many people, who wanted positive changes in their lives. They have made remarkable progress in their Careers. There are so many pilots, cabin crew, young professionals, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, graduates, young learners, students, directors and senior-executives of multinational companies who halved honed their communication skills with us. We take immense pride that from primitive needs of Basic spoken English skills to corporate negotiation skills we offer time- bound result oriented course in almost anything. At Capacity Academy we feel responsible towards your progress and nothing delights us more than seeing you progressed in soft skills.

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Vinay Parashar
Vinay Parashar
Trainer MCA
Birju Kumar
Birju Kumar
Trainer M.A English
Imran Khan
Imran Khan
Co-Ordinator, M.com


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