November 7, 2017

About us


Best Spoken English Institute In Faridabad


Capacity was established in 2007 and specializes in training English Language and Public Speaking Courses. It is run by a team of experienced teachers who have been teaching English and Public Speaking for more than a decade. It’s our honor to announce that we are the pioneer of public speaking training (capacity) masses in India. It’s only a best English speaking institute in Faridabad where the students learn complete english.

Capacity is one of Faridabad’s largest Skill Training Institute engaged in the development of skills of the youth of the country. I feel blessed & purposeful of having gotten this wonderful opportunity to build a bright future of so many people, who wanted positive changes in their lives. They have made remarkable progress in their Careers. There are so many pilots, cabin crew, young professionals, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, graduates, young learners, students, directors and senior-executives of multinational companies who halved honed their communication skills with us. We take immense pride that from primitive needs of Basic spoken English skills to corporate negotiation skills we offer time- bound result oriented course in almost anything. At english speaking institute in faridabad Academy we feel responsible towards your progress and nothing delights us more than seeing you progressed in soft skills.

Soft skills Training helps students to be stronger mentally, in right frame of mind to be calm & confident in any challenging situation. However weak your language may be your consistent efforts and ability to learn from mistake can fill the gaps. You can see from the Google reviews and testimonials how our students rate us. We have taught more than a thousand students in best spoken english institute in faridabad and they have got big achievement in their life.

About Director

He worked in Corporate Environment for many years before starting training for them. He founded the Capacity Academy and dedicated several years in developing right modules for students’ need. We are proud to say that we have vast learning resources to cater to any English development needs. Our exposure in this field get us vast array of students spanning from corporate executives, collegiate to young learners in school.institution training, young learners training and students training in school & Colleges. Our Training Centre is centrally located, accessible and open for most time of the day.